Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Wishlist Wednesday

    This weeks wish list Wednesday definitely had to go to Begging Boutique again because as I mentioned in my last Wishlist Wednesday I'm obsessed with their clothes even though i can barely afford to purchase more than two things. Their clothes are AMAZING ! Well in my opinion of course, but if you like my blog you most likely would like their clothes.                Anyways lets not get too off topic. This gorgeous black and white striped set is most definitely giving me life, like you can wear this in the day or the night and it's so very stylish. Wear it the correct way with the correct accessories and other necessary things and you'll look stunning. I really need this as an addition to my wardrobe. This is sold for $95 and can be found on their website or visit their Instagram page. Guys this is soo adorbs so if you like it too and you can afford it def make this an addition. I just love sharing my Wishlist with you guys ahh. Look out for next weeks Wishlist Wednesday lovies. xx 

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