Sunday, 28 December 2014

New Years Outfit Idea

    New Years is in a couple days. It's amazing and crazy at the same time how fast this year has gone by. In all honesty it feels like my last New Years was like 3 months ago. Either way we can't go back and make it slower we have to continue into a New Year, with a new start, hopefully. The best way to go into your New Year is to do it stylish. I mean who feels sad when they look flawless? No one I recon that for sure. 
     The above pictures is a great outfit idea for a New Years outfit. It's chic but not too fancy unless you want it to be. Goes great for any occasion you may be attending. You can always dress it up abit more than I did or down abit more that's completely up to you. It's a nice white halter dress with a crotchet design all over it. The neckline is also filled with gold beads all around it. To help dress it up abit I'm wearing my Michael Kors watch and my Chanel necklace, as well as my vintage style bag. I decided to pair this with some flats which are covered in a type of diamant√© type design but you can change it up according to how you prefer to look.
     Well guys that's it's for my New Years choice outfit. If you like my blog don't forget to follow my social media accounts for updates on new post. Have a great day my loves and make sure you go find that perfect outfit to bring in the New Year right. xx

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