Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Wishlist Wednesday

     Hello guys! On today's Wishlist is this absolutely amazingly cool bracelet. It's called the lokai bracelet. It's said to be injected with elements from the highest and lowest parts on earth! I mean like how cool is that guys! The elements they are talking about are injected into the black and white little beads on the bracelet. The White is water from Mt.Everest and the black is mud from the Dead Sea! It's like having a comforter with you all the time. If you're not in the best of moods there's your bracelet and when you're in a great mood, well there's you're bracelet. Guys if you think of how amazing it is to walk around with something like this on your hands you'll def add them to your Wishlist as well. They are also only $18.00 guys, so if you like it too go out and get it girlfriend. Haha do have a great day beauties and you can find lokai bracelets page on Instagram as well @livelokai. Ok for real this time bye my loves.

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