Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas Celebrations!

     Merry Christmas babes! Well I guess day after Christmas, but it's all the same aha. I hope you all had a great Christmas Day and got what you wanted.  I'm gonna share with you guys my Christmas Day!
     Let's start by saying I brought in my Christmas with a bang because I had so much fun at Harbour Lights red and white Christmas Eve party. If you're unaware Harbour Lights is a club/beach day chill out spot. If you're ever in Barbados be sure to check it out! Carrying on, I get carried away so easily. Continuing from Harbour Lights I went home around 4:30am, yup I know but I was having fun. That was until I got in the car and realize how tired I actually was and lets just say I got home took off my makeup and crashed.
     Woke up pretty late not very proud of the time since it was Christmas Day but never the less I got out of bed and joined my family. I took my gifts and I was  very thankful for them because being a December baby never guarantees two sets of gifts. For breakfast I had a glorious ham cutter. That may be a caribbean thing I'm not sure, but basically that's just ham in a bread bun but it's amazing.
     We didn't plan to go anywhere so basically I just lazied around until dinner. This year however I didn't pack my plate with every bit of food I saw because I usually just waste it. So I put what I wanted and ate that for the time being. Ohh I also made my own fruit salad ! Yup if you follow my Instagram or Twitter you would have seen the picture I posted of my fruit salad. Was soo excited to make that and I don't even know why.
     Guys to be quite honest my Christmas Day was not very eventful haha but I thought I would still share my day with all of you who would have been interested. For the rest of the day I basically just ate junk food and watched tv. Although I still haven't watched The Grinch, but that shall be sorted soon enough. Anyways guys that's all that really happened. Hope you all had a great day and I apologise if my day wasn't as fun as you hoped. Have a great day and stay fab! xx

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