Wednesday, 17 December 2014

RANT (Driving Test)

Hello guys, this is just something I want to share with you guys because well idunno I like you and I think I should talk to you about it. Ok so this is abit different from my other post but this blog also features my lifestyle soo this is something  on that topic. 
     Soo today I had my first ever driving test. Yay I know right! Yea but that's until you fail. So starting my day on a great note I woke up and got ready to leave feeling pretty alright about this test. Got to the test centre and there were like a million cars. None the less I tried to stay calm.
    My testing officer finally comes along and calls my name I get in start the car move off I'm going great until like 10 minutes later. So I'm on the highway, trust, I'm driving pretty good. However this man decides to tell me to go around the round about and come back up the highway (was kind of last minute by the way). That was fine cause I knew I had to change my lane and stuff. Ok so my indicator is on and everything and I'm trying to move over but the lovely people in the opposite lane won't let me in.
     Low and behold when I did get the opportunity to pick up the left lane my front wheels crossed the White solid line. The instructor started asking what I did wrong and all I could think was fuck. Ok so that's how I failed my driving test the first time after I had to pay so much damn money to take it. Now I have to pay all that to retake it. I had the car I wanted picked out and ready to call the dealer and everything. But I freaking failed and now my car I was soo excited to get is gonna get sold and Ima be extra mad. Oh well today was quite shitty for me and I thought I should share that with you guys. Some of you may be able to relate or maybe not but none the less I hope you guys have a great day. xx

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