Saturday, 13 December 2014

Michael Kors Unboxing

     Hey guys, do you remember my first Wishlist Wendesday item? Yess the Michael Kors stainless steel Darci watch. Well guess what guys, I have a unboxing of that for you! Ok so some of you may know my Birthday was Thursday (11th December) and I was lucky enough for my dad to buy me this beauty. So I'm gonna give you guys the chance to see it abit better. However mine is in Rose Gold rather than silver as seen in the first Wishlist Wednesday post.

     The watch came in this brown lift top box which has Michael Kors engraved into the top of it.

     When the top is lifted off, kind of like how the iPhone boxes work, the beauty of the watch is revealed. It sits on a round cushion at the top of the box.

   Under the cushion in the box you'll find any extra links if the watch had to be sized for you. Also you'll find a little booklet which says Michael Kors at the front, this is the manual on how to setup your watch and get it working.

    So guys that's the unboxing of the watch ! Hope you guys love it. If you haven't seen the first Wishlist Wednesday post go check it out because it gives all the information about the watch including the price and where to get it ( Don't forget to follow my Twitter and Instagram for more updates. Have a great day lovies and stay gorgeous. xx

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