Sunday, 28 December 2014

New Years Outfit Idea

    New Years is in a couple days. It's amazing and crazy at the same time how fast this year has gone by. In all honesty it feels like my last New Years was like 3 months ago. Either way we can't go back and make it slower we have to continue into a New Year, with a new start, hopefully. The best way to go into your New Year is to do it stylish. I mean who feels sad when they look flawless? No one I recon that for sure. 
     The above pictures is a great outfit idea for a New Years outfit. It's chic but not too fancy unless you want it to be. Goes great for any occasion you may be attending. You can always dress it up abit more than I did or down abit more that's completely up to you. It's a nice white halter dress with a crotchet design all over it. The neckline is also filled with gold beads all around it. To help dress it up abit I'm wearing my Michael Kors watch and my Chanel necklace, as well as my vintage style bag. I decided to pair this with some flats which are covered in a type of diamanté type design but you can change it up according to how you prefer to look.
     Well guys that's it's for my New Years choice outfit. If you like my blog don't forget to follow my social media accounts for updates on new post. Have a great day my loves and make sure you go find that perfect outfit to bring in the New Year right. xx

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas Celebrations!

     Merry Christmas babes! Well I guess day after Christmas, but it's all the same aha. I hope you all had a great Christmas Day and got what you wanted.  I'm gonna share with you guys my Christmas Day!
     Let's start by saying I brought in my Christmas with a bang because I had so much fun at Harbour Lights red and white Christmas Eve party. If you're unaware Harbour Lights is a club/beach day chill out spot. If you're ever in Barbados be sure to check it out! Carrying on, I get carried away so easily. Continuing from Harbour Lights I went home around 4:30am, yup I know but I was having fun. That was until I got in the car and realize how tired I actually was and lets just say I got home took off my makeup and crashed.
     Woke up pretty late not very proud of the time since it was Christmas Day but never the less I got out of bed and joined my family. I took my gifts and I was  very thankful for them because being a December baby never guarantees two sets of gifts. For breakfast I had a glorious ham cutter. That may be a caribbean thing I'm not sure, but basically that's just ham in a bread bun but it's amazing.
     We didn't plan to go anywhere so basically I just lazied around until dinner. This year however I didn't pack my plate with every bit of food I saw because I usually just waste it. So I put what I wanted and ate that for the time being. Ohh I also made my own fruit salad ! Yup if you follow my Instagram or Twitter you would have seen the picture I posted of my fruit salad. Was soo excited to make that and I don't even know why.
     Guys to be quite honest my Christmas Day was not very eventful haha but I thought I would still share my day with all of you who would have been interested. For the rest of the day I basically just ate junk food and watched tv. Although I still haven't watched The Grinch, but that shall be sorted soon enough. Anyways guys that's all that really happened. Hope you all had a great day and I apologise if my day wasn't as fun as you hoped. Have a great day and stay fab! xx

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Wishlist Wednesday

     Guess what today is, Yess Wishlist Wednesday! Today's item is something I really love and need in my life for the benefit of me and the content I bring to all you lovely people. Let's be real no one enjoys crappy pictures yea, that's no fun. Therefore on my Wishlist this week is the gorgeous Canon PowerShot SX60 HS. For all the tech savvy bits of the million things it can do you may have to check canon's website for that, because your girl cannot really explain it all. However I couldn't seem to find the retail price of this baby on the canon website but they do have a 'where to buy section'. You can just click there and it'll show your closest location and then you'll be able to get a price. I love this and I shall try to get this so I can bring better content to the blog for you guys. Just a side note tomorrow's Christmas *nudge nudge*. Maybe someone would buy it for me, no? Ok. Anyways guys do have a great Christmas tomorrow! I hope you guys have an amazing day and you get what you wanted, and if you didn't don't worry about it maybe it's not affordable at the time. Just try to enjoy the day and be thankful for all you already have. Love you all and Merry Christmas babes! xxx

Friday, 19 December 2014

Christmas gift ideas for him

     Yes finally I'm doing the guys version of Christmas gifts. I do apologise if this took too long. None the less here's three great gift ideas you can definitely give you're dad,boyfriend/husband and also friend. Preferably anyone of the male gender.

     I mean look at this guy, how amazing does he look in that sweater? Stunning yea I agree! Well if you're a guy reading this maybe not. Anyways sweaters are a great gift for a guy or any type of clothing because we all know guys secretly love being stylish too. Nice new clothing is always great.

     Find a man who doesn't like a watch. If you do buy him one I'm sure I'll like them for sure after. Majority of guys especially ones who are maturing or pretty matured already are in the habit of liking watches. A nice fashionable but still manly watch is a great gift for any guy. I'm sure he'll be extremely grateful.

     Men love to smell good too! I mean it helps attracts the ladies. I know for sure a guy who smells good definitely had my attention. So go out and get him a nice cologne that makes him smell heavenly. 

     Soo guys those are my top three picks for Christmas gifts for men. I hope the men agree with me. If you think the man in you life whatever position he holds will like any of these go out and get it for him. You don't have much time Christmas is soon here. Have a great day my loves and shop smartly. xx

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

RANT (Driving Test)

Hello guys, this is just something I want to share with you guys because well idunno I like you and I think I should talk to you about it. Ok so this is abit different from my other post but this blog also features my lifestyle soo this is something  on that topic. 
     Soo today I had my first ever driving test. Yay I know right! Yea but that's until you fail. So starting my day on a great note I woke up and got ready to leave feeling pretty alright about this test. Got to the test centre and there were like a million cars. None the less I tried to stay calm.
    My testing officer finally comes along and calls my name I get in start the car move off I'm going great until like 10 minutes later. So I'm on the highway, trust, I'm driving pretty good. However this man decides to tell me to go around the round about and come back up the highway (was kind of last minute by the way). That was fine cause I knew I had to change my lane and stuff. Ok so my indicator is on and everything and I'm trying to move over but the lovely people in the opposite lane won't let me in.
     Low and behold when I did get the opportunity to pick up the left lane my front wheels crossed the White solid line. The instructor started asking what I did wrong and all I could think was fuck. Ok so that's how I failed my driving test the first time after I had to pay so much damn money to take it. Now I have to pay all that to retake it. I had the car I wanted picked out and ready to call the dealer and everything. But I freaking failed and now my car I was soo excited to get is gonna get sold and Ima be extra mad. Oh well today was quite shitty for me and I thought I should share that with you guys. Some of you may be able to relate or maybe not but none the less I hope you guys have a great day. xx

Wishlist Wednesday

     Hello guys! On today's Wishlist is this absolutely amazingly cool bracelet. It's called the lokai bracelet. It's said to be injected with elements from the highest and lowest parts on earth! I mean like how cool is that guys! The elements they are talking about are injected into the black and white little beads on the bracelet. The White is water from Mt.Everest and the black is mud from the Dead Sea! It's like having a comforter with you all the time. If you're not in the best of moods there's your bracelet and when you're in a great mood, well there's you're bracelet. Guys if you think of how amazing it is to walk around with something like this on your hands you'll def add them to your Wishlist as well. They are also only $18.00 guys, so if you like it too go out and get it girlfriend. Haha do have a great day beauties and you can find lokai bracelets page on Instagram as well @livelokai. Ok for real this time bye my loves.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Michael Kors Unboxing

     Hey guys, do you remember my first Wishlist Wendesday item? Yess the Michael Kors stainless steel Darci watch. Well guess what guys, I have a unboxing of that for you! Ok so some of you may know my Birthday was Thursday (11th December) and I was lucky enough for my dad to buy me this beauty. So I'm gonna give you guys the chance to see it abit better. However mine is in Rose Gold rather than silver as seen in the first Wishlist Wednesday post.

     The watch came in this brown lift top box which has Michael Kors engraved into the top of it.

     When the top is lifted off, kind of like how the iPhone boxes work, the beauty of the watch is revealed. It sits on a round cushion at the top of the box.

   Under the cushion in the box you'll find any extra links if the watch had to be sized for you. Also you'll find a little booklet which says Michael Kors at the front, this is the manual on how to setup your watch and get it working.

    So guys that's the unboxing of the watch ! Hope you guys love it. If you haven't seen the first Wishlist Wednesday post go check it out because it gives all the information about the watch including the price and where to get it ( Don't forget to follow my Twitter and Instagram for more updates. Have a great day lovies and stay gorgeous. xx

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Wishlist Wednesday

    This weeks wish list Wednesday definitely had to go to Begging Boutique again because as I mentioned in my last Wishlist Wednesday I'm obsessed with their clothes even though i can barely afford to purchase more than two things. Their clothes are AMAZING ! Well in my opinion of course, but if you like my blog you most likely would like their clothes.                Anyways lets not get too off topic. This gorgeous black and white striped set is most definitely giving me life, like you can wear this in the day or the night and it's so very stylish. Wear it the correct way with the correct accessories and other necessary things and you'll look stunning. I really need this as an addition to my wardrobe. This is sold for $95 and can be found on their website or visit their Instagram page. Guys this is soo adorbs so if you like it too and you can afford it def make this an addition. I just love sharing my Wishlist with you guys ahh. Look out for next weeks Wishlist Wednesday lovies. xx 

Monday, 8 December 2014

Gift Ideas For Her

     So we're a couple of days away from Christmas and we're all running around trying to find gifts for our friends and family. So of course I'm here to help you choose a gift ! This one is more aimed towards gifts for girls but don't worry, one for guys is coming next don't worry. 
Christmas gifts for her 

1. Bags
     Women love bags, well majority I should say. We love to carry around our entire room with us when we have to leave the house. A nice stylish bag that can hold two cats, three dogs and an elephant is an ideal buy. Well actually not really but you know the more it can hold the better, she'll use it more. Unless however she fancies smaller clutch type bags well then you just look for something cute and fashionable. Always make sure it's fashionable. This featured one is from givency but you can also find stunning bags at more affordable prices that she'll love.
2. Jewelry 

Jewellery is always a good buy for a woman especially diamonds, obviously because they're her bestfriend. However none the less most woman won't be offended or try to kill you if you don't get them diamonds. Something nice and fashionable always works, it doesn't have to cost and arm and a leg, if it looks good buy it. Unless your a person who seeks perfection well you may have to spend a bit more. Whatever you do try not to buy her costume jewelry especially as a Christmas gift put some thought into it.

3. Makeup

     Now if you're a guy there's a possibility you may not know much about makeup or even anything at all. In that case find one of her close friends or ask a representative in the makeup store for some help. If you don't want to do that the next best thing is to get her a lipstick. If you pay enough attention to her which I hope you do, she may wear a certain colour lipstick or brand. Go out and get her that colour or brand, it shows her you care enough to even know her favourite lipstick. Of course if you're a girl you should be able to pick out makeup, but if you can't you can also follow the guys lead. However try not to be too cheap when buying makeup as a gift. This lipstick is from MAC but they are many more brands to choose from.

     So guys that's my top three suggestions that any girl would definitely love. If you're still not sure what to get her you can always try perfumes or clothing or even just something she talks about wanting or doing repeatedly. Whatever you choose to do I'm sure she'll love it. Have a great day shopping for your Christmas gifts lovies! xx

Saturday, 6 December 2014


Hey guys ! So i made an Instagram and I'll be posting on there, keeping you up to date with what's going on in my life. I'll even be posting when a new blog post is up so follow my Instagram to keep track of what's new @littlecaribbeangirl ! Have a great day lovies 😘

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Studying *inserts crying emoji*

So it's that time again. All college and university students or even high school students begin to pull out their hair and wonder why they choose to come to college or uni and we decide on our lives that we are gonna drop out. Maybe it's  just me who feels that way ? Either way we all hate finals. Majority of the time you have to cram the entire semester into our brain especially if you're like me and well, didn't study throughout the semester. That's everyone ! Right ? Please tell me I'm not a delinquent. Anyways back on track. So I have exams coming up in the next two week and I intend to cram a semester worth of work for 6 exams between now and well next week. I mean I've done this a million times pssh. Lord guide me please.
   Oh, and let's not get started on procrastinating because let's just say procrastination is my best friend and worst enemy all together. I procrastinate for hours on end whether I'm watching tv, texting, stalking my crush (ssh), on Twitter (@lcaribbeangirl), Instagram, staring into space, you name it I'm doing it. Then the night before I want to strangle myself for being such a complete dumbass and I lose my entire night of sleep trying to get everything done. Story of my life.
   But hey in the end it all pays off I mean you get a degree well if you actually don't drop out of course... Don't drop out that's wasting money. It's just for a time and it'll be over before you know it don't ruin your dreams because of a couple late stressful nights. Everything can't be fun and games, that's not the way of life. If you know your procrastinating right now GO STUDY ! Well when you're finish reading this of course. Grab some tea or coffee and try to make it through those notes, if you have a festive tea cup even better. As you can see I have a plain boring blue and white tea cup but that's fine too. On the bright side it's soon Christmas and that's pretty festive! 

(P.s I will try to get some outfit ideas out soon so look out for that)

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Did someone say Twitter!?

Little Caribbean Girl is officially on Twitter now ! Follow me for daily updates on what's going on in my life at Little Caribbean Girl or @lcaribbeangirl you can also follow the link if need be

Wishlist Wednesday

     On today's wish list is this gorgeous dress from beginning boutique! As soon as I saw this I fell head over heels in love with this.. Then basically everything else they sell right after. However this is my absolute fav. The cut, the shape, the stunning white colour with the black lining at the bottom. The dress screams classy but simple yet still absolutely gorgeous. I'm for sure gonna try to add this to my wardrobe because I just can't let it slip out of reach. If you haven't already checked out beginning boutique you definitely should they have absolutely gorgeous clothing peices. I just wish I could purchase everything on their website but I'm not that fortunate. Do have a great day and enjoy the beautiful view of this gorgeous dress.