Friday, 19 December 2014

Christmas gift ideas for him

     Yes finally I'm doing the guys version of Christmas gifts. I do apologise if this took too long. None the less here's three great gift ideas you can definitely give you're dad,boyfriend/husband and also friend. Preferably anyone of the male gender.

     I mean look at this guy, how amazing does he look in that sweater? Stunning yea I agree! Well if you're a guy reading this maybe not. Anyways sweaters are a great gift for a guy or any type of clothing because we all know guys secretly love being stylish too. Nice new clothing is always great.

     Find a man who doesn't like a watch. If you do buy him one I'm sure I'll like them for sure after. Majority of guys especially ones who are maturing or pretty matured already are in the habit of liking watches. A nice fashionable but still manly watch is a great gift for any guy. I'm sure he'll be extremely grateful.

     Men love to smell good too! I mean it helps attracts the ladies. I know for sure a guy who smells good definitely had my attention. So go out and get him a nice cologne that makes him smell heavenly. 

     Soo guys those are my top three picks for Christmas gifts for men. I hope the men agree with me. If you think the man in you life whatever position he holds will like any of these go out and get it for him. You don't have much time Christmas is soon here. Have a great day my loves and shop smartly. xx

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