Thursday, 4 December 2014

Studying *inserts crying emoji*

So it's that time again. All college and university students or even high school students begin to pull out their hair and wonder why they choose to come to college or uni and we decide on our lives that we are gonna drop out. Maybe it's  just me who feels that way ? Either way we all hate finals. Majority of the time you have to cram the entire semester into our brain especially if you're like me and well, didn't study throughout the semester. That's everyone ! Right ? Please tell me I'm not a delinquent. Anyways back on track. So I have exams coming up in the next two week and I intend to cram a semester worth of work for 6 exams between now and well next week. I mean I've done this a million times pssh. Lord guide me please.
   Oh, and let's not get started on procrastinating because let's just say procrastination is my best friend and worst enemy all together. I procrastinate for hours on end whether I'm watching tv, texting, stalking my crush (ssh), on Twitter (@lcaribbeangirl), Instagram, staring into space, you name it I'm doing it. Then the night before I want to strangle myself for being such a complete dumbass and I lose my entire night of sleep trying to get everything done. Story of my life.
   But hey in the end it all pays off I mean you get a degree well if you actually don't drop out of course... Don't drop out that's wasting money. It's just for a time and it'll be over before you know it don't ruin your dreams because of a couple late stressful nights. Everything can't be fun and games, that's not the way of life. If you know your procrastinating right now GO STUDY ! Well when you're finish reading this of course. Grab some tea or coffee and try to make it through those notes, if you have a festive tea cup even better. As you can see I have a plain boring blue and white tea cup but that's fine too. On the bright side it's soon Christmas and that's pretty festive! 

(P.s I will try to get some outfit ideas out soon so look out for that)

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