Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Wishlist Wedsnesday! Ouu shoes!

     Everyone loves shoes, I mean come on even men. They spend more than woman sometimes on their Jordan's and other fancy name branded shoes. So on today's Wishlist are a pair of nude sandals to make all the shoe lovers hearts skip a beat. But please do stay contious because you may wanna finish read more so you can purchase these beauties! These shoes are so multipurpose. I can see myself wearing them with anything, and for most occasions. The nude is such a neutral colour it just seems fitting, and the style of the shoe just compliments it more! Now guys this shoe may be abit on the pricey side for some people, but I believe I could be a good investment for quality and the ability to pair it with most outfits. This sandal is sold for $169.00 and is called the Arezzo Nude Flat Sandals. You should be able to find them online on So my loves if you love these sandals as much as I do and think they're a good buy make sure to add them to your Wishlist as well, or go out and buy it you're decision. If you're not much of a fan there's always another Wishlist Wednesday item that may catch your eye instead. Either past or present. Whichever, stay beautiful and fashionable. Do have a great day my loves. xxx

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