Sunday, 11 January 2015

What's In My Makeup Bag

     Hello my loves! I decided to share with you guys what I use and keep in my makeup bag. I keep all my makeup in this black Victoria's Secret bag. This was given to me as a gift so I'm not exactly sure where it was bought from, but you can always check the Victoria's Secret website.
     So the first set of things are my are my foundations, face powder, concealer and face primer. Now you're probably wondering, why does she have two foundations? Well that's because I use the darker shade to do my contouring, none the less I'm not the best at it but I'm getting there. That darker foundation is from the brand No.7. The next foundation which would be my normal skin tone foundation is from the Loreal True Match collection. I'm sure many of you may recognise the little cylinder shaped bottle. It's also a great foundation, may do a full reveiw on that soon. Let's not stray aha, my concealer which I use for highlighting is then from Black Opal and my face powder from L.A. Girl.
     The third photo is a display of all the brushes I happen to own, yes I know that's not many to all you hardcore beauty gurus, but that's enough for me so far. Next up are my lip friends. Yes my lip glosses and some of my lipsticks, because let's just say I have a fair amount of lipsticks I couldn't fit into this post. But that may also come later as a lipstick collection post. Last but not least is my mascara and eyeshadow pallet. Again yes, I am very aware I don't own the very huge multi coloured eye shadow pallet but I'll get there as soon as I get better with my makeup skills guys. Please don't be ashamed of me I never meant to hurt any feelings haha. 
     So there guys that's what I usually keep in my makeup bag. Some people might be like that's a lot of stuff to carry around. Well you see my loves I leave my makeup at home so I just store majority of it in this cute little makeup bag. Thankyou all for your support and don't forget to keep up to date with my social media accounts the links are at the top right side of this page. Do have a great day you lovely people and I'll see you soon. xx

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