Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Wishlist Wednesday!

     Wishlist Wednesday is here again! Felt like I just did one less than a week ago. Either way here's this week gorgeous item which is a birthstone bracelet from Doves Jewelry. Let's just say I have a pretty bad obsession with birthstone items. I go absolutely mental when I see something cute with my birthstone. Hopefully that gives you a mental picture of how I felt when I saw this gorgeous bracelet. A good one at that. The one displayed in the photo is indeed my birthstone, which is in turquoise for all those December borns out there. 
     This looks absolutely stunning and can definitely be styled with most outfits. However I'd prefer to use it for more special occasions. You can find Doves Jewelry on Instagram if you want to make this purchase or find more of their jewelry. Have a great day my loves! xo

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