Saturday, 3 January 2015

Walk In Style- Steve Madden

     Hey lovies! I have a new product I purchased recently for you it's the Junoz BLK Patent Madden Girl platforms by Steve Madden. However I only seem to see them come up on google under Junoz platform sandals. So if you're interested in them you may have to search for them under that name because unfortunately I was not able to find them on the Steve Madden website. (I hope they arn't fake, help) just kidding I don't think they're fake, well I hope not. I purchase my pair from thr Bridgetown Barbados Harrison's outlet, the original price was $174.99 bajan dollars or $68.00 duty free US dollars.
     Yea guys so I'm absolutely in love with these shoes! The heels are abit high though so if you're not particularly comfortable with high high heels these may not be a good idea for you, because I mean if you fall everyone likes a good laugh eh? And you don't wanna be the victim aha. Some of you may also have seen these in my New Years blogpost and that's because I bought them to wear to the New Years party I attended.
   Here I go rambling onto another topic again, the usual but the shoes are very comfortable and easy to walk in once you are a heels person. They also make your outfit just pop and look absolutely stunning so if you're looking for a new pair of evening heels you should probably check these out, you can possibly even wear them with something casual. Have a great day my loves and see you on Wedsnesday for your weekly Wishlist Wednesday post or maybe even before that. Don't forget to follow my Twitter(@lcaribbeangirl) and Instagram(@littlecaribbeangirl) for updates (or just click the icons on the top right hand side of this blog to take you straight there) Also I'm so so very sorry that I didn't upload a Wishlist Wednesday last week but I will try to make this week's one make up for that. Thankyou all for your support and do enjoy your day! xx

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