Sunday, 1 February 2015

Bohemian Island Girl

     This outfit is a Bohemian style inspired outfit and I think it's soo adorbs! From the cropped black halter top to the long tie up skirt. Now I'm so sorry guys I can't tell you where I got these pieces from. But don't be sad or turned off because you can always find a halter top anywhere. As for the skirt it does not have to be the exact same tie up skirt. You can find a similar skirt in pretty much any clothing store as well. However your best bet for a tie up skirt similar to mine would be a vintage shop. They never fail. Well usually. This is a cute outfit you can wear for a beach day or on a holiday/vacation away. You can also wear this to a really laid back event with friends if you're just chilling or pretty much any where you think suitable. Make it abit more dressy, a little less or just as it is, have fun with it. I hope you guys like this outfit and I would love to see it recreated or even worn the same way. So go out and buy those peices or even take them out of your closet! Whichever suits you. Do have a wonderful Sunday guys! xx