Friday, 28 November 2014

Back To Black

   Yes i'm wearing black lipstick and no i am not in anyway associated with the Gothic or emo stereotype. Black lipstick can actually look extremely appealing if you wear it the correct way. I mean come on, don't tell me you have never wanted to pick up that black lipstick lingering in the plenty of color options available in lipsticks. I know you have, and if you did pick it up and took the chance to put it on, i'm pretty sure you saw how nice it looks once paired with the right clothing pieces and colours.
    Least to say I picked this up mainly because i'm a fan of darker lip colours. I think it goes better with my skin tone as compared to lighter coloured lipsticks. Another great thing about black lipstick too is you can pretty much buy any brand or should I say majority brands and they will all go on nice and still look fantastic even if you spent $1.00 or even less. I Picked mine up from a drugstore for $5.00 and its by J Lipstick in the colour 48 Black. However depending on where you live you should be able to find something abit cheaper if necessary. There's also the option of buying one of the fancy brands like MAC,Chanel or NYX, etc.. Those ones are usually better but who doesn't like a bargain.
  So if you're one who has not given in to purchasing a black lipstick then go out and try something new! If you have purchased one and didn't like how it looked on you then buy another one and try pairing it with a different makeup look or clothing even hairstyle. Whatever you do enjoy your black lipstick guys, i'm surely enjoying mine.

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